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Employee Communications

 Pelnik Improves Communications

Your Pelnik dedicated team will work to provide a professionally designed communication program for your employees so they can make smarter, well-informed, healthier choices. These materials come with complete benefit explanations, information about open enrollment and choices, and details about the additional benefits the employer is providing to their employees to help them manage their complete health and well-being.  Our communication program also helps provide valuable information to new employees as they join your organization.

Why is a Communication Strategy Important?

We believe that a healthy employee is a productive employee, and an investment in a well-designed and executed communication strategy will result in a smarter healthcare consumer. We provide a full suite of traditional and digital marketing services that are customized to each client’s guidelines to support the communication strategy. Our services will enable your firm to:

  • Provide employees with more than one way to access and understand their benefits
  • Enable employees to select different channels, and commonly use multiple channels during the communication process
  • Offer HR and Communications teams to have access to a robust content library
  • Access content for employee newsletters, intranet & general communications, common areas, safety meetings.
  • Online login to MyWave and Pelnik Risk Management Center and more…

Common Communication Services

  • Targeted enrollment and new hire materials
  • Newsletters, benefits guide, benefits-at-a-glance, election forms, posters, payroll stuffers, flyers, PowerPoint presentations
  • Videos
  • Mobile apps
  • HTML email announcements
  • Content, messages, and ideas for in-house publications
  • Onsite employee meetings
  • Web-based employee meetings
  • Online company benefit portal
  • Ongoing relevant and timely employee benefit/wellness education newsletters
  • Topic-specific communication campaigns tied to your overall benefits strategy, such as wellness programs
  • Employee benefits statements / total compensation statements, and
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
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