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Health Analytics & Intelligence

Health Analytics & Intelligence Services

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Successful businesses rely on data and financial analysis to make critical decisions. Your health plan is no different. Pelnik uses a forensic health risk approach and a unique approach to managing health care through continual analysis of risk and chronic disease using health insights and intelligence.

How Do Our Analytics Help Find You a Better Plan?

Our analysts and clinicians will develop strategic recommendations using an enterprise-level monthly member-specific health plan data, dashboards, reports, benchmarking, and plan modeling calculators. Providing in-depth claims analytics, the system is designed to improve our clients’ bottom line by focusing on the health of their employees and families while maintaining the integrity of the benefit plans.

Our Health Analytics Intelligence Service provides leading-edge technology combined with our professional team to assist clients with strategic planning, plan designs, financial modeling, plan benchmarking, and to provide clients with online HIPAA compliant access to a variety of dashboards, views, reports, and tools to aid in:

  • Quickly understanding root-cause of plan costs and potential solutions in one platform
  • An intuitive view of how your health plan is performing in specific areas and its underlying conditions. Our analysis provides the opportunity to understand how your plan is performing and how it compares to other companies.
  • The information necessary to truly impact the health of your plan members with biometric, health risk assessments (HRA), health risk questionnaires (HRQ) and participation data. For example, we can help you view trends on nutrition and exercise habits, weight, smoker status, and other conditions that lead to severe claims or chronic health risk.
  • Integrated wellness and claims data to deliver a detailed analysis designed to improve the health of individuals and measure a wellness program’s return on investment.
  • Benchmark your plan against 20M+ lives to understand where to focus your attention.
  • Model your plan and understand ways to improve the member experience and lower your cost.

Gain access to data refined and developed into customized views and reports at your fingertips.

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