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Pharmacy Center of Excellence

Pharmacy Center of Excellence

Pharmacy expenditures are one of the fastest growing cost drivers for benefit plans today. The pharmacy industry lacks transparency and a motivation to place the needs and the interests of the benefit plan or client first so Pelnik offers support to help balance the scales.

Our Pharmacy Center Manager

Pelnik’s Pharmacy Center of Excellence is managed by Confidio. They serve as a one-stop solution for self-funded PBM contract, financial analysis and consulting.  Confidio is a unique pharmacy resource developed to efficiently and effectively evaluate, manage and oversee your self-funded client’s pharmacy benefit management programs. The Confidio platform provides turnkey solutions to benefit advisors with proven market-leading PBM partners that offer, on average, 20-30% savings off traditional market contracts.

Pelnik’s Five Fundamentals of Pharmacy Contracting:

  1. Do they have a contract specific to their pharmacy benefit?
  2. Does their contract clearly list out the discounts/fees/rebates that are applied to claims utilization?
  3. Does their contract clearly define under what circumstances those discounts/fees/rebates are applied to their claims?
  4. Does their contract clearly state what detailed information they will have access to relative to claims utilization and experience?
  5. Does their contract contain audit rights that allow them to validate that their carrier or PBM is compliant with their financial obligations under the contract? These services allow employers to benchmark their pharmacy program compared to other employers, understand costs drivers and implement steps to take control of these costs. Our goal is to eliminate excess cost and reduce pharmacy trend for our clients.
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