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Well-Being & Population Health Management

Well-Being & Population Health Management

Any well-being or wellness program must completely align with your company’s culture, its values and its vision. Employers are increasingly viewing Wellness & Population Health Management as a vital way to help control business expenses tied to benefits and disability, while simultaneously improving employee health, morale and productivity. We focus on designing and implementing affordable and effective wellness and health management programs so your employees can maintain and improve their health across the continuum of care.

Employees Should Take Priority

Employers should recognize that employees are their most valuable asset and understand that employees bring to the job each day all the positive and negative experiences that occur in their lives. These experiences impact both employee and employer. Positive experiences result in a productively engaged employee interacting positively within the workforce. Negative experiences create stressors, which can result in injuries, absenteeism, presenteeism, and accidents – all of which impact productivity and drive down revenue.

This is where the concept of a Total Wellness Approach is gaining momentum. A few of the areas we can engage to help drive improvement are as follows:

  • Financial Wellness (the current headline gaining momentum from rising student loan debt)
  • Physical Wellness (the traditional wellness program with the benefit plan)
  • Emotional Wellness (employee assistance programs)
  • Social Wellness (team building, corporate volunteerism)

All of these approaches are focused on providing support to the employee or member of their household. Once again, employers have been implementing these strategies individually tailored or siloed. The missing ingredient is the integration and coordination of the programs — a sort of safety net that wraps around the employee.

Meet Dr. Bruce Campbell

doctor bruce campbell

Dr. Bruce Campbell is the Chief Medical Director of BAN, where he brings over 25 years of executive experience in healthcare, information technology, and managed care to the membership.

He has held executive staff and operating positions in healthcare services companies, managed care plans, integrated delivery systems, medical groups, and healthcare information technology companies. His background includes having served as a Senior Vice President of Operations and the Chief Medical Officer of a national managed care company, and tenure as the Chairperson of the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors of a public company operating Medicare Special Needs Plans and disease management programs.

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